Mt. Penn Hill Climb


Event Location: City Park, Reading, PA 19611

We have races for Citizens, Citizens with eBikes, Open Fixed Gear, Categorized USA Cycling racers and Pros alike! It’s a full-gas effort if you want to get your best time, or a heck of a good time if you hang out in Turn#9. Start in City Park and climb Duryea Drive past the iconic Pagoda to the William Penn Fire Tower on the new Skyline Drive. Celebrate the opening of the multi-use Skyline Drive with Lower Alsace as they welcome the fastest Pros and Citizens to the top of the climb. You do not need a USAC license in order to race the Citizen’s Hill Climb.

If you are here to spectate, we have a free shuttle you can ride to a few places along the route! Please click here to see the latest shuttle information.


The 2.4-mile climb is the same course used by the SCCA car races. On a bike, it demands the discipline of pacing. The early segments are steep but go by quickly. Where the cars hit 130mph, you’ll be pushing to gain time but not burn your legs for the final mile. Within that final mile, you will pass the iconic Pagoda and then have a leg-burning push to the Fire Tower.

Official Strava Route

We’ve created an Official Strava Route, from City Park to the William Pen Fire Tower. Official Strava Route:




Everyone will have a timing chip. The beginning of your ride will not be timed. All riders will begin riding on Constitution Blvd, turn left onto Clymer Street and ride up PAST Duryea Drive 80 feet. A 180° turn on Clymer will pitch you back downhill towards Duryea Drive. Your time will start when you cross the line at the bottom of Duryea Drive and will finish when you cross the line at the Fire Tower (same course they use for Duryea car races). Riders will go off in small groups a few minutes apart. This gives riders room to maneuver and does not put someone at the back of the group at a disadvantage. Once the climb starts the groups will break up and with a full road enclosure, riders will have clean lines to ride.

Citizens eBikes and Open Fixed Gear will start at the end of this group but before the pros. Better keep pedaling!



Handcyclists are welcome! You do not need a USA Cycling license to participate! Sign up on BikeReg and we’ll see you on Sunday in City Park!


Categorized riders in a USA Cycling race will race with mass-start rules. All riders will still race with a timing chip in order to check times as a backup. We do reserve the ability to combine your races into an Open USA Cycling race, where all categories race at once, but the scoring will be separate and prizes will be distributed appropriately.

Timing Chip Return

Timing Chips must be returned to the Athlete Registration area after your race. Lost or stolen chips are $100 to replace.

Mt. Penn Hill Climb Prize List

Pro Men and Women1st$500 Cash, Winner's Jersey
2nd$350 Cash
3rd$225 Cash
4th$150 Cash
5th$125 Cash
6th$100 Cash
7th$90 Cash
8th$80 Cash
9th$70 Cash
10th$60 Cash
11th - 15th$50 Cash
Amateur 3/4 Men1stWinner's Jersey
Citizens1stWinner's Jersey, local goodies
Corporate Team Challenge1stLocal goodies

Remember that while you do not have to race the Hill Climb to race the crit, there is an additional $500 cash prize for both women and men to the top overall finisher of both races.

Sunday, August 4th Schedule

All races start in City Park. Please report to staging 10min prior to your start time
11:00amCitizen's Open Hill Climb
11:10amCitizen's eBike Hill Climb
11:12amOpen Fixed Gear
11:14amWomen's Category 3/4
11:19amMen's Category 3/4
11:24amPro Women
11:29amPro Men
11:30amUphill Dash to the Pagoda
12:00pmOpen Kid's Running Race (1 lap)
12:25pmCitizen's Dirt Course Race (cycling)
1:05pmWomen and U19 Cyclocross
1:45pmMen and U19 Cyclocross
2:40pmWomen and U19 Mountain Bike
3:20pmMen and U19 Mountain Bike

*Please note that all times are subject to change.

Number Pick-Up

Day-of number pick up is on Constitution Blvd and Rose Garden Lane from 9am – 12:00pm.

Afternoon in City Park

We will have a beer garden to help you spectate the City Park Dirt Course events. Both cyclocross and mountain bike races will be taking place in the City Park until 4pm. We hope you will stick around and make a day of it! Food trucks will be parked along Constitution Blvd and drinks will be available. Proceeds will be donated to the Reading Recreation Commission.

Road Closures and Parking

Please park in designated areas. Athletes and Spectators will have plenty of parking at the parking deck at the north end of the park by the high school. Additional street parking is available in the area.

2018 City Park Spectators and Parking v2

West Reading Criterium

UPHILL Dash to the Pagoda

City park Dirt Course

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