Virtual Climb Challenge


Last Updated: June 21, 2020
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Reading Recreation Commission’s food service program is an instrumental part of feeding the Greater Reading community’s kids. The current restrictions in place due to the COVID-19 outbreak have increased the necessity of RRC and at the same time limited their ability to raise funds to combat the uptick in food insecurity in the region. In the wake of our postponement, Reading Radsport is asking the community and past participants to step up and help raise additional funds to support RRC’s mission to continue to feed children of Greater Reading. We encourage the community to join us in our friendly competition to record the fastest road cycling, road running, trail running, and mountain bike times up the designated routes on Mt. Penn. These solo efforts will comply with the current requirements of physical distancing in place. Participants will be required to make a minimum donation of $20 to RRC and then record their solo efforts up Mt. Penn using Strava. All proceeds will go to RRC’s mission to continue to provide food security to the youth of Greater Reading. Bragging rights will go to the fastest time and most times summited up Mt. Penn.

Bob McClennan’s Art Auction

May 25, 9am

Keystone Racing p/b Lupine Lights

Ascent Challenge


Brandon Hanson of State Farm Insurance is contributing a Matching Gift of $10 per entry

The first 10 registrants had their contribution supplemented by Brandon Hanson of State Farm Insurance. Brandon has been supporting the Reading Recreation Commission through the Reading Radsport Festival each year with his Citizen’s Hill Climb incentives including the “Lanterne Rouge” prize for the slowest time to the William Penn Firetower. Brandon is one of the first people in Reading to reach out to us about creating a challenge during these unprecedented times, and we are so grateful for his enthusiasm and support.

BONUS CONTRIBUTION: For everyone who contacts Brandon for a no-obligation quote, he will donate another $10 to the Virtual Climb Challenge. You do not have to even participate in the Segments. Just contact him using the button below and mention “Radsport” to help us out.


Eric Schippers

Eric Schippers helped us get over the $2000 mark by offering a $500 matching gift, starting April 26. Beginning at $1355, once we reached $1855 in registrations or donations, an additional $500 was granted, pushing us immediately to $2355!

Eric has been doing the road cycling and mountain biking segments on this challenge and is doing quite well!

Shillington Eye Associates

Shillington Eye Associates

Shillington Eye Associates, LLC  helped us increase the participation in the Trail Running segment bu offering $20 per run ($100 total) to get us to 8 total challengers. Times d not matter – we want to see participation in the segment! We achieved this goal on May 13, unlocking the $100 and also putting us over the $3000 mark!

Integrity Electric Inc

Integrity Electric Inc, Shillington, PA

Integrity Electric Inc. helped us kickstart the MTB segment by offering $20 per run ($100 total). Similar to the Trail Run initiative, we did not care what the times were – we only wanted to see new times posted! We achieved this goal in the second week of May!

Contest Details


Now through May 31, 2020


  1. Minimum $20 donation on BikeReg to be considered in the competition. Your donation enters you for consideration on all 4 segments.
  2. Join our Strava Group
  3. Run or Ride solo on the segments. Group efforts will not be counted
  4. Submit your ride to us to make sure you’re effort is counted. We will do our best to record efforts posted to the Strava Group but this helps us make sure you’re fairly included!


We are not awarding prizes for the fastest times because we found in our testing that different devices create (sometimes wildly) different Strava results. We created a tutorial for changing your Garmin settings, but not everyone uses the same devices. For this reason, our leaderboards are for your own bragging rights.

Everyone who registers on BikeReg will be entered into a raffle for Radsport merchandise. Check out what we have available on our Shopify store!

Raffle: USA Cycling Memberships

  • Bryan Betts
  • Gavin Biebuyck
  • Tim Delay

Raffle: Radsport Merchandise

  • Andrew Freye
  • Colin Fitzgerald
  • Keith Miller
  • Bobby Lea
  • Greg Wesolowich
  • Ken Dewald
  • Gerry Grayce
  • Geoff DeWire


  • Only those who make a donation before competing are eligible for the challenge
  • Participants can make as many attempts as they would like
  • No group rides. This is a social distance event. Solo rides only – any group rides will not be considered, and possibly grounds for removal from the competition leaderboard
  • If you ride an e-bike, please make sure to mark the ride attempt as an e-bike ride.
  • You’re disqualified if you break the law. That includes any mandates prohibiting solo outdoor activity that may occur between now and the end of the challenge date.
    • Should law enforcement implement no outdoor activities rule in Berks County, we will take the fastest times as of the official declaration. Should the implementation go into effect, any times during the official implementation will not be considered.

Road Cycling

Road Cycling Leaderboard

Updated May 31, 2020
Colin Fitzgerald08:26
Andrew Freye08:32
Mike Carriglitto08:36
Mason Shirey09:09
Gabe Lloyd09:22
Brad Gorter09:29
Jacob Stein09:37
Bryan Betts09:47
Brian Hess09:52
Jason Zerbe09:58
Sean Smith10:00
Pierce Gerhart10:08
Eric Schippers10:14
Andy Munas10:29
Peter Blanchet10:35
Geoff DeWire10:38
Samantha Snukis10:40
Scott Molnar10:40
kevin quinter10:42
Aaron McNany10:58
Hattie Freye11:00
Tim DeLay11:02
Sonya Bodick11:03
Vanessa Romano11:07
Devin Flannery11:12
Gavin Biebuyck11:36
Kevin Moore11:36
Ryan Keown11:40
Bob McClennan12:13
Ryan Drummond12:15
Chad Chelius12:18
Jeremy Rapp12:27
Bobby Lea12:56
Sy Lea12:56
Dave Aurentz13:19
Ryan Watts13:50
Matthew Brophy13:55
James Fick14:11
Greg Wesolowich14:30
Karen Rule14:32
John Dever14:33
Keith Miller15:21
Brandon Hanson15:55
Todd Papich17:42
Steven Vida17:44
Russell Bender18:11
Pete Cobaugh19:37
Michael Bodick19:40
Sheila Korick19:40
Christa Bender27:38
Matthew Bressler30:37

e-Bike Leaderboard

Updated May 13, 2020
Dave Kline7:55
Ken Dewald9:17
John Pacharis10:35


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Strava Segment

Road Running

Road Run Leaderboard

Updated May 31, 2020
Mike Carriglitto09:08
Andy Munas09:30
Gabe Lloyd09:51
Jacob Stein10:36
Brian Hess10:37
Geoff DeWire10:58
Matthew Brophy11:02
Jason Karpinski11:27
Steven Vida11:38
Brad Gorter11:50
kevin moore12:34
Ryan Watts12:59
Peter Blanchet13:15
Patrick Leaman14:02
Michelle Henry16:37

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Strava Segment

Mountain Bike

MTB Leaderboard

Updated May 31, 2020
Andrew Freye15:59
Jason Zerbe18:08
David Trimble18:10
Gabe Lloyd18:41
Andy Munas18:45
Sean Smith19:15
Scott Molnar19:20
Brian Hess21:21
Hattie Freye21:45
Eric Schippers22:32
Mike Carriglitto23:00
Peter Blanchet24:32
Jeremy Rapp24:51
Dave Aurentz27:18
Scott Helm27:38
Greg Wesolowich28:18
Jacob Looney28:33
kevin moore28:41
Kevin Quinter29:05
Erik Eddy30:46
Kim Mazur30:50
Todd Phillips31:37
Amy Fowler32:48
Tammy Kondisko Kondisko38:08

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Trail Run

Trail Run Leaderboard

Updated May 31, 2020
Mike Carriglitto20:30
Brian Hess23:10
Andy Munas24:04
Gabe Lloyd24:25
Matthew Brophy25:35
Jason Karpinski26:01
Geoff DeWire26:23
Ryan Watts26:35
Erik Eddy29:58
Steven Vida31:46
kevin moore32:32
Peter Blanchet35:01
Michelle Henry37:47
John Gallen43:16

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Full Quad Leaderboard

Complete all 4 segments and see where you stand!
NameRoadMTBRoad RunTrail RunTotalTime Back
Mike Carriglitto08:3623:0009:0820:301:01:14
Gabe Lloyd09:2218:4109:5124:251:02:190:01:05
Andy Munas10:2918:4509:3024:041:02:480:01:34
Brian Hess09:5221:2110:3723:101:05:000:03:46
Peter Blanchet10:3524:3213:1535:011:23:230:22:09
Kevin Moore11:3628:4112:3432:321:25:230:24:09

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