2018 Starting Grid Format

While the Tour de France ran an anti-climactic grid start this morning, our race organizers have been running exciting ones for years. We’re excited to release the starting grid for this year’s West Reading Criterium on August 4th.

The top 10 positions are based on Qualifying Street Sprint times.

Row 6 includes the top 4 fundraisers

Row 7 will begin the remaining street sprint qualifiers.

Row 12 is the example in the graphic for when non-starters of the street sprints are gridded, but all street sprint qualifiers will be placed on the grid in front of the non-starters.

Pro Men and Women Non-street sprint starters will be ranked by UCI rank, then road-results.com. Amateur 3/4 Men non-street sprint starters will be gridded on order of race entry. As an event hosted by and benefitting the Reading Recreation Commission, we are happy to incentivize our fundraisers with top spot call-up positions.

Best of luck to everyone next week, and get fundraising if you want a better starting spot!

2018 Starting Grid

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