How to Set Up a Group Ride on Zwift

Riding Solo is what you should be doing right now, but if you want some company and you have Zwift, group rides are an option, too. Cycling Weekly has a breakdown, but we made it even simpler:

First, Get the Zwift Companion App. Here are links to Apple Play and Google Play stores.

Next, follow the steps below. Each screenshot has a caption with instructions.

Zwift Events Page
Open the Zwift Companion App and choose the “Events” icon on the right, then select “Create Meetup”.


Zwift Companion App create meet up
Choose your date, the course, the type of ride you want. Rides can be by distance or time.


Zwift Companion App
Choose who you want to invite. You can only invite people you follow.

A few things to remember:

  • You can keep the group together under the “Customize Your Meetup” option. This makes it more of a group ride because everyone stays together no matter the power output of the riders.
  • You should follow everyone you want to be on the ride.
  • This is different from an open invitation ride because of the point we just mentioned, so be sure to be friends with whomever you want to add.

Additional Resources

Cycling Weekly has a nice breakdown of how to set this up, as well. Zwift also has its own resource article. This also explains what to do when you want to respond to an invitation request.

Want to host a ride?

Post on our Facebook Page that you want to host a ride. Choose a time and date, even the course so everyone knows what you are asking them to sign up for. Make sure you’re friends with everyone who responds on Zwift so you can add them to your Meetup. We recommend posting at least a day ahead of time so everyone has time to respond.

We hope this helps you get some social proximity while we have to #ridesolo!

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